Tuesday, May 22, 2012

11th Annual Spring Art Show @ AAW



diane marie kramer said...

All of the posted works created by your Art Students are exceptional!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!

I have enjoyed serving as artist in Residence at AAW from March until the End of May 2012.
It was such a gift to be able to get to know many of your students and be able to share with them.
I wish them all a wonderful road ahead!!!
Also- a pleasure to hang out with you Rick in your classrooms!! thank you for having me.

once again,
I love the diversity and the strength in all these works.
A fine reflection of their Teacher!!!

diane marie kramer said...

All of the student works posted on your blog are outstanding!!!!
A fine reflection of their teacher!
Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

I wish all of the students a Creative life ahead!!!
all the best!!!

also, thank you Rick, for sharing your students and classroom with me from
March 2012- May 31- 2012.
I have throughly enjoyed serving as artist in residence at AAW.

You and your students have inspired me in more ways than you may know!
thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Ms D ; - )
(diane Kramer)

RJ said...

Thanks, Diane!! It has been a complete pleasure having you join and inspire us this semester!

diane marie kramer said...

: - ) you can see how excited I am leaving two comments!! lol!!!
had a bit of blog comment trauma. I thought it had not taken the first one and so left the second!!
Oh well... it shows my happiness revolving the students, the teacher and the residency!!!

See you in the zone!